Arduino Prototype PLUS+

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    The Arduino Prototype PLUS+ is a clever combination of an Arduino UNO and a prototyping shield all in one.

    Gone are the days of building your own "Arduino on a breadboard" or "Standalone ATMega". Just grab one of these handy boards, which contains all the support circuitry for an ATMega328P, pop the pre-programmed DIP chip out of your Arduino UNO, and slip it into the socket, and build your circuit up around it.

    Ideal for when you want to transition a project from breadboard to something a little more permanent. Build your circuit up on the generous prototyping area, transfer your pre-programmed ATMega328P over from your Arduino, and Bob's your uncle. You can also reprogram the chip direct on the board through either the UART pins we have provided or the ICSP header.

    The board has:

    • 12V screw terminal power input,
    • 5V regulator rated at up to 800mA
    • 16MHz crystal and load capacitors
    • Headers for ICSP and serial
    • All the Arduino pins clearly laid out and labelled for you to use
    • Massive prototyping "Matrix Board" area (36x36 holes)
    • M4 mounting holes

    Note: ATMega328P not included (but you can get one here).

    We can also, if you ask nicely, provide these with an 8MHz crystal and 3.3V regulator. Just ask when you order.

    Note: These boards are built to order, so there will be a short lead time (depending on component deliveries).