47L16 EERAM Breakout


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  • Voltage (Max)
  • Voltage (Min)
  • Interface
  • Memory (Flash / EEPROM)

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Voltage (Max): 3.6V
Voltage (Min): 2.7V
Interface: I2C
Memory (Flash / EEPROM): 2048x8


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The 47L16 EERAM is an ingenious product from Microchip. Coupling 2kB of SRAM with 2kB of EEPROM and an emergency backup power circuit (driven by a single capacitor) gives you the ease of use and lifetime of an I2C SRAM chip with the data retention of an I2C EEPROM chip.  As soon as power is lost to the chip the backup power in the capacitor is used to write the contents of the SRAM to the EEPROM.  At power-up the SRAM is re-filled from the EEPROM backup.

No need to worry about the EEPROM's write lifetime. No need to worry about detecting power failures and saving your data using some other power source. No need for complex power management circuitry.  Just treat it like SRAM and the magic of the chip does the rest.

And to make things easier we have created a breakout for this chip. Yes, the chip is available in DIP format, but you still need to provide the capacitor for backup power. This breakout has that already included. It also has 3.3kΩ pullup resistors for the I2C bus, and 10kΩ pull-down resistors on the address select pins, which are also broken out so you can attach multiple chips to a single I2C bus.

Note: This is a 3.3V product. Appropriate care should be taken when interfacing it with a 5V MCU.